isness | dory

A turgid retainer for the a.l.a.n offworld pan-european gyantse

links of steel

The Great Gatsby and beyond

galleri-se good gosh! is that my *OWN* show? oh.. er.. well it was

CLUB the second last thing I did

oodles, poodles, noodles and howdoyoudoodles

cruising down the river, on a sunday afternoon humming silly ditties

fluttered and jittered with some random PDFery

chinese doodles learn putonghua slowly.

GITs Graphical Interface Templates. If you can think of a single use for them ... You can use 'em! (if you pay me, obviously).

flims A short, but generally increasing selection of films from my potato salad days. whispy indeed.

pitcures I really have got soo many pictures you can't see them all yet, but you can see some, ay, and there's the rub.

words fail me.

punctuation I dot my eyes but know not why.

geometrees plainly cornered vert high seas.